Brand Character Design

Design and adaptation of various brand characters for a variety of brands, and implementation in corporate material, marketing material and animation.

Among other clients, brand characters were designed for Yarkoni Agency, John Bryce, Bahat, Lotem and Tal Ariel Cohen


Icon and Infographics Design & Illustration

Icon and Infographic Elements Design and illustration for various brands.

Among other clients, icons and infographics were designed for Bahat, Lotem and Tal Ariel Cohen


Sense Writing

Brand Illustrations

Illustrations for the Sense Writing brand, used as part of graphic language and brand concept.

HR Face to Face 2015 Promotion Video

Design and animation for the 26th HR Face to Face convention, January 2015, Ramat Gan.

Teva - Short Animations

A series of Flash animations produced for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

Creative Director: Ariel Kotzer

Fun Ways to Die

A comic/sarcastic animation depicting the constant fear of terror in which we live in at Israel.

Music and Inspiration: ‘Be Safe Around Trains’ (‘Dumb Ways to Die’)  Melbourne campaign by McCann

PlayPool -
Happy New Year

Happy New Year viral video animation for PlayPool Billiard Academy located in Haifa.

Public Health Coalition Pro Bono Video

Pro Bono animation as a collaboration with The Public Health Coalition, created in response to the lack of means in handeling the 2011 Carmel Fire.

For Yarkoni Agency

Co-Design: Tali Gross


A New Year Animated Greeting

An animated GIF greeting for the Jewish new year designed to be embedded in a newsletter.