Landing page for Harova, a unique residential complex located in Vaddy Salib, Haifa - reflecting its atmosphere of antique and modern, old and new.

For Yarkoni Agency

Development: Yov Design

Photography: Amos Kashdan

Modeling: 3Dvision

Innovate Israel

Landing page for Innovate Israel, a global innovative community that connects  corporations worldwide, Israeli startups, innovators, entrepreneurs and key business leaders.

Copywriting: Karin D. Rogovsky

Sense Writing

Landing page and course platform design for Sense Writing -
a unique and effective creative writing program developed by playwright and director Madelyn Kent.

Development: Yov Design

Epoch Source

Website design for Epoch Source, a web technologies and solutions company.


Website and App Design for the largest preschool portal and index in Israel.


Creative Concept and Design for the PlayPool Billiard Academy located in Haifa.

Holmes Place

Flash Presentation designed for the Europe Holmes Place Board Meeting 2011.

3 Dots

A Communal poem writing portal.

This project was selected to participate on the 2010 Future Designers 3 exhibition.

Some of the poems are cited from

Hupa Yafa

Company and Catalog website motion animation design. Hupa Yafa is a unique company which provides tailor made designed Chuppahs for Jewish weddings.

Art : Maya Shoshani


Flash Presentation for a unique urban real-estate project.

For Yarkoni Agency

Co-designers: Avishai Dotan, Nir Shnap

Copywriter: Dror Fehl